VigRx Plus Reviews: Effects and Ingredients Explained

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VigRx Plus

Have you been feeling unconfident in bed due to poor sexual performance? While these may occur infrequently, many of these sexual health issues have been reported. Not only does this jeopardize relationships but they belittle a man’s ego. And we all know how crucial your ego is to maintain that machismo. 

The magic pill can resolve any of your sexual health issues and change your life for the better. Read on to find out more.

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What is VigRX Plus?

For those unaware, this product is a male enhancement pill that has been proven to be effective in men suffering from a form of sexual dysfunction, whether or not it is an erection, maintaining that erection, low sex drive, or unable to achieve climax.

How effective is VigRX Plus? It is quite effective at improving a guy’s sexual experience mainly because of the manufacturers used natural ingredients for VigRX. In fact, several VigRX reviews are proof of this male enhancement caliber.

All About Sexual Dysfunction

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, the primary prevailing sexual dysfunction that afflicts men include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, and lack of sexual drive. Most of this stems from underlying psychological or physical reasons.

Common sexual dysfunction in male

Premature ejaculation

A constant struggle for erection or maintaining an erection

Erectile dysfunction

Instantly getting an orgasm

Deferred or hindered ejaculation

Taking too long to orgasm or never achieving orgasm

Low libido

Lack of or low sexual drive

Why does sexual dysfunction occur in men?

The causes for many of these dysfunctions can be grouped into two categories: physical and psychological.

Physical causes:

  • decreased testosterone levels
  • use of prescription drugs
  • problems with blood vessels like atherosclerosis and hypertension
  • nerve damage or stroke caused by surgery or diabetes
  • excessive smoking
  • drug and alcohol abuse

Psychological causes:

  • anxiety about sexual intercourse
  • problems with the relationship or marriage
  • depression
  • traumatic sexual experience
  • stress related to work

How Does VigRX Plus Help?

Men who suffer from a form of sexual dysfunction can benefit from VigRX. First and foremost, it is the only natural male enhancement dietary supplement currently available in the market. Therefore, it is safe to use and does not need a doctor’s prescription.

Men can use it as a form of penis enlargement medication just by using it for a few weeks. Many VigRX reviews have also shared that they last longer in bed and they experience improved quality in their ejaculation with the help of VigRX. And the refractory period, the time right after orgasm where the body is fatigued and ready to rest, has also been noticeably shorter allowing them to go for another round.

What Are the Long-term Effects of VigRX?

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To achieve the best results when taking VigRX oil, it is important to take it daily in order for the ingredients to build up in the system and take full effect.

First month:

Men will experience long lasting erection. They will also experience an enlargement of their penis.

Second month:

Men will start to notice dramatic changes in the way they look. They will also notice an increase in their sexual stamina.

Third month and beyond:

Men’s erection will feel stronger and firmer. Sexual appetite is greatly improved with energy level at an all-time high.

At this point, men will have an increased frequency of orgasm with shorter time in between. Anxiety about sex or other stuff is also greatly managed because of the ingredients found in VigRX Plus.

Mechanism of Action

Most male enhancement products work by increasing the blood flow into the penis. The more blood flows into the organ, the longer and harder the erection will be. But products like Viagra don’t address other issues relating to other sexual dysfunctions in males, especially those related to psychological issues.

With the product, all causes of sexual problems, physical or psychological, are resolved using different plant-based products. Many of its ingredients were used in traditional medicine all around the world and have proven time and time again to resolve many of the sexual issues that men suffer from.

The website Blue Cloud has listed VigRX Plus as the number 1 male enhancing supplement in the market that has been proven to increase sexual performance, enhance erection quality and duration. It is safe and effective to use and many doctors have endorsed VigRX.

In addition, if you scour online for VigRx Plus reviews, you’ll realize how overwhelmingly positive most of them are.

What Are the Ingredients of VigRX Plus?

What sets VigRX apart from all other male enhancement pills is its use of natural ingredients. This is the main reason why VigRX is such a potent solution for sexual dysfunction in males. It can help increase libido, improve the size of the erection, and enhance intimate performance.

A summary of ingredients found in VigRX Plus

Bioperine Improves the absorption of nutrients
Damiana Strengthens the nervous system
Epimedium Sagittatum Herbal ingredient known to increase blood flow to the penis
Ginkgo Biloba Improves mental clarity
Asian Red Ginseng Traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction
Saw Palmetto Berry A known aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant
Muira Pauma Bark Extract Referred to as “potency wood,” also an aphrodisiac
Catuaba Bark Extract Enhances libido
Hawthorn Berry Increases oxygen to the heart, improves blood flow

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1. Bioperine

Also known as piperine, an active ingredient in black pepper, Bioperine contributes to the unique spicy taste in the herb. It is also known to help increase the absorption of nutrients in the body. It does this by improving the metabolism of the body.

2. Damiana

Damiana is derived from a wild herb commonly found in Mexico and Central America. It has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac. It is also known to strengthen the nervous system.

3. Epimedium Sagittatum

Epimedium leaf, Also known as Horny Goat weed, this herb is commonly used to improve the libido in humans. Epimedium leaf extract is known to treat erectile issues as well as low sexual desire.

4. Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest tree species in existence. Components of Gingko Biloba are known to have antioxidant properties. It is also used to improve the blood flow of the body by dilating the blood vessels and reducing the consistency of platelets.

5. Asian Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng, simply known as ginseng, this herb has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac for many years. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is used to treat sexual dysfunction like increasing the libido and improving the quality of sperm.

6. Saw Palmetto Berry

The extract from saw palmetto has been used for a number of dietary supplements. It helps with those who suffer from symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. It’s been used for chronic pelvic pain and addresses decreased sex drive.

7. Muira Pauma Bark Extract

The extract is taken from the wood and roots of the plant. It is used for the prevention of a number of sexual disorders. It’s been used to increase the sexual interest of those with inhibited sexual drive.

8. Catuaba Bark Extract

The bark of this plant is where many people derive its medicinal value. Catuaba bark extract is commonly used to heighten sexual arousal. Taking this herb will also enhance the sexual function of males. It also has properties that can help with anxiety.

9. Hawthorn Berry

The extract from the leaf, flower, or berry is used to treat people with cardiac problems. Studies have suggested that it can improve blood flow to the heart for people suffering from cardiac problems. Its other uses included treating kidney problems, digestive problems, and in addressing anxiety.

Who Can Use VigRX Plus?

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VigRX is indicated for any man who suffers from some form of sexual dysfunction. It is designed for those who wish to improve their sexual experience, whether it’s improving the duration or quality of their sexual function. Those who want a larger, harder, long-lasting erection can greatly benefit from taking VigRX Plus.

Men who have problems revving up their libido can also use VigRX oil to increase their interest and passion for sex. Getting anxious over their ability to satisfy their partner will soon be a thing of the past with VigRX Plus.

It can greatly improve the quality and satisfaction from sex. It can also help to increase the frequency and quality of orgasms in male. Therefore, bringing more pleasure during lovemaking.

It all boils down to one simple statement, it is the answer to all those who suffer from sexual problems and issues. And because all its ingredients are all-natural, this dietary supplement is totally safe for use no matter the age of the person.

How is VigRX Plus Used?

Because it is a dietary supplement, VigRX Plus is safe to use in any which way; there is no danger of overdose. Most people take 2 tablets of the supplement two or three hours before sexual intercourse.

This amount of time is enough for the tablets to be dissolved and distributed in the body.

It is also recommended to take 2 tablets daily as a dietary supplement when it is first taken in order for VigRX to take full effect because in some people it takes a while for the drug to build up in the body.

VigRX Plus can also be used in conjunction with other male enhancement products like Testogen. Together, both will greatly enhance men’s libido and improve the quality of orgasm they experience.

Side Effects of using VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is considered to be a dietary supplement rather than a drug. This is what separates VigRX Plus from Viagra or Cialis, other popular brands for erectile problem. Because VigRX is a supplement and composed of natural ingredients, it has no adverse side effects.

This product has been available in the market for 15 years and has sold millions of boxes worldwide according to VigRx reviews. Despite its popularity, there has been no report of anyone who has suffered side effects from using VigRX.

Like any dietary supplement, it is important that the proper dosage is followed. The daily recommended amount for taking VigRX Plus is two tablets per day. Letting the ingredients build up in the body will yield greater sexual results.

Where Can People Buy VigRX Plus?

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VigRX can be purchased in a number of different online sellers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. It doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription because it is considered to be a supplement, similar to vitamins.

People should always take care to scrutinize the product before they purchase it because there are many counterfeit pills online.

While checking VigRx reviews is vital, it’s important to scrutinize every supplier you come across online. These counterfeit products look almost identical to the real VigRX Plus but they may contain the wrong ingredients. They can be ineffective or even harmful to those taking it.

Getting VigRX Plus from the official website is a safe way to get the authentic product. Another good thing about buying the product on the official website is the free shipping and promos that they offer. They also offer discounts when customers buy multiple boxes.

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VigRX Plus is an amazing product that has made many men, and women, happy. It is safe to use and contains natural ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine to address problems in having sex.

Because VigRX is composed of plant-based products like herbs, it can be used as a safe dietary supplement. It affects the body in other ways outside just sexual quality. It can address anxiety and even help people with cardiac problems.

Millions of men have benefited from VigRX Plus in its 15 years of availability. Getting their hands on the product is as easy as going online and ordering them. It doesn’t require any doctor’s permit and it is totally safe.

The men who have always suffered from sexual dysfunction who fear using popular drugs like Viagra can now have a better alternative in VigRX Plus. It’s natural, completely safe, and extremely effective. For over 15 years, VigRX has made countless men perform better in bed, achieve better orgasm, and last longer.

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